Does your magazine hold more than ten rounds? You’re a FELON if RB 1094 Passes!

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Activism, Gun Legislation, News
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This Wednesday, March 23rd, the fight is NOT just to keep your gun rights…it’s a fight to keep you from becoming a FELON – just for owning a magazine that can hold more than ten bullets!

RB 1094 will ban mere POSSESSION of any magazine (other than tubular, .22) that holds more than ten rounds. There is NO “grandfather” clause, there is no financial compensation for what amounts to THEFT of legally purchased, legally owned, commercial firearm accessories for which the State has benefitted from sales tax revenues!
Imagine if a bill were introduced tomorrow outlawing all cars that can go faster than 65 mph? Imagine if you only had until July 1st to TURN IN YOUR CAR to police OR be charged with a felony? Well, that is EXACTLY what is happening here. And since it “only” affects firearm magazines today – who knows what it will be extended to in the future.

The architects of this bill are pushing a snow ball down the “slippery slope”. If this ban goes through, a new precedent will have been set: the CONFISCATION of PRIVATE PROPERTY at the threat of being charged with a FELONY. What’s next? Five round magazines? Single shot firearms? Kitchen knives? Alcohol? Tobacco? Potato Chips?

This bill apart from its obvious flaws of having no impact on criminals, criminalizing citizens and abuse of law enforcement resources needs to be defeated because of this new precedent: The CONFISCATION of property that some people in government feel you should not own. This is perhaps the most repulsive, unconstitutional aspect of this bill and the impact it represents.

This bill MUST be defeated! Oppose RB 1094! Show up at the Legislative Office Building, Judiciary Committee, Wednesday, March 23rd! If you cannot attend this hearing, please call the Judiciary Committee at 860-240-0530 and Oppose RB 1094.


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