Do You Care About Your Gun Rights?

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Activism, Elections

I’ve been shooting for over 30 years; involved in campaigns for over 15 years and been a pro 2A activist about as long. One thing that truly amazes me is the lack of interest by our fellow gun owners, hunters, target shooters, collectors, etc. in getting involved to help change who represents us in Hartford and in Washington, DC.

Go to any gun club, trap or skeet club, rifle range, pistol range, hunting club, etc. on any weekend and the clubhouse will be filled with like-minded members and guests all bickering and complaining about how bad politicians are; how we cannot purchase popular models of firearms available in “red states”; how stupid gun laws are; how difficult it is to get a permit in some towns; how the neighbors want to ban hunting and target shooting and shut down their beloved gun clubs that they’ve belonged to for years and how that club pre-dated the neighbors’ presence by decades.

We can pack buses to march on Washington with a half million people – to protest the lack of representation in Washington, D.C. We can put 300 people on the steps of the State Capitol in Hartford on a cold, windy Saturday in early April to wave flags and cheer to support gun rights. We can pack a public hearing room with 200 people when the Judiciary Committee introduces some zany anti gun bill and we will show up and bicker and complain and demand to uphold our rights – BUT when we have the opportunity to effect CHANGE – to change who is representing us in Hartford and Washington, D.C. ….we sit idly by and do NOTHING.

Martha Dean, pro 2A candidate for CT Attorney General said it best in June at the Jack Robertson NSSF Sporting Clays tournament in Dover, NY. She said 20% of gun owners across the US aren’t even registered to vote! That is a shame everyone! I walked with Martha (and Tom Foley and Jerry Labriola) up and down the vendor row and firing line at Blue Trail range during their Gun Exposition and Pig Roast event on Saturday Aug 7th, three days before the Republican primary. Nearly half of the two hundred people we spoke to weren’t registered to vote and almost none were registered Republicans! And this is among GUN OWNERS in Connecticut!

Ladies and Gentlemen, unless you want to see more gun bans, ammo bans, restrictions on getting pistol permits, restrictions on when and how you can carry; restrictions on when and where you can shoot – you MUST get on board and be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. You NEED to step up and VOLUNTEER to support pro – 2A candidates!

Contact the GOP at 860-680-0005 or email to talk about making phone calls to get out the vote for TOM FOLEY for Governor; MARTHA DEAN for Attorney General and JERRY LABRIOLA for US Congress in Greater New Haven. Other campaign activities will need your assistance as well.

ALL of these candidates have pledged their support for the Second Amendment and for gun rights for Connecticut citizens. Their opponents on the Democratic ticket are ANTI GUN. Don’t let them win!
Tom Foley’s site is 203-335-2010

Martha Dean’s site is :

Jerry Labriola’s site is:
(860) 806-06098

Please get involved! Please contact these campaigns and offer some time to volunteer – maybe one or two hours here and there. Sacrifice ONE day of shooting at the range or hunting in the fields or hanging out in the gun shop to help these candidates get their message out and convince more people to go out and vote on November 2nd. Every Right confers a Responsibility. It is OUR responsibility to do our part.

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