Support Tom Foley and Martha Dean in the August 10th Republican Primary!

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Elections

Tom Foley is the Republican nominee for Governor. Martha Dean is the party’s nominee for Attorney General. Both need our support and for any gun owner or gun rights supporter who is a registered Republican, your support is needed on Tuesday August 10th in the Republican Primary.

Martha Dean is no stranger to supporting gun rights. She has been representing gun clubs and shooting ranges for nearly a decade and has even been criticized by both left-wing bloggers and her Republican primary opponent for standing up for gun ownership rights!
Having shot sporting clays recently with Martha, I had the opportunity to speak with her about the issues and learn her insight. Martha addressed the shooters at the Jack Robertson, NSSF Sporting Clays tournament in Dover, NY this past June, Martha pointed out that some 20 million gun owners across the USA are not even registered to vote!

Tom Foley, who is the Republican nominee for Governor has recently mailed this author a personal letter affirming his support for the Second Amendment stating, “As Governor, I will protect the individual’s right to legally purchase, own, carry and use firearms. I will seek no changes to our gun laws.” After all, that is what groups like the NRA have been hammering for years : “No New Gun Laws”. Finally, we have a gubernatorial candidate who has put that in writing and signed his name to it. It’s time to step up and back Tom Foley for Governor and Martha Dean for Attorney General. Can you think what the consequences would be with having Ned Lamont as Governor? How about Attorney General Jepsen? You know, the former State Senator who tried to expand the “assault weapons” ban to California “part 2” status?

Go to and today for more information on these crucial, statewide campaigns!


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