Sample Testimony H5158 for Hearing Feb 18, 2010

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Gun Legislation

Sample Testimony for February 18th, 2010

Dear Chairman/Chairwoman______________, members of the Public Safety and Security Committee, my name is______________ residing in ____________ and I am testifying in opposition to H5158 An Act Concerning the Regulation of Firearms.

Section 10 would eliminate private sales of long guns (rifles and shotguns) as has been a commonly accepted practice among sportsmen, target shooters, hunters, collectors, friends and family members handing them down through generations.  Perhaps tens of thousands of rifles and shotguns have been privately transferred in such a manner and it has rarely been an issue of concern for Public Safety. Section 10 would require the registration of long guns along with an authorization for the sale or transfer as is currently done for handguns.

What Public Safety Value is gained by adding an additional level of registration for long guns? Why bear the additional cost and effort for the State Police to create and maintain a long gun registration database? For what purpose is it intended? It is already illegal under federal law to maintain information collected for NICS purposes beyond a certain number of days. Would not the effort to enhance Public Safety be better served by allocating resources toward the thousands of outstanding, criminal arrest warrants that exist in the State.

Unless existing long guns come back into the “system” by becoming re-sold at retail again, there is no way to enforce this section. Existing long guns transferred on an individual basis prior to the enactment of this legislation would be unaffected and can theoretically continue to be transferred to other individuals.

In addition to Section 10, we are also opposed to Sec. 11 concerning Gun Shows and the 30-day notification process to both DPS and the local Chief of police for the town where the gun show is to be held. Again, what purpose is served by creating additional administrative burdens on gun show operators. No improvement of Public Safety is achieved through this measure, either.

I urge the rejection of H5158 unless or until objectionable language in the above sections is removed.

Thank you,

(your name here)


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