CCDL Scores Major Victory For CT Permit Applicants!

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Activism, News

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League has scored its first major victory for Connecticut’s gun owners!

For decades permit applicants have been subjected to a variety of delays and burdened with “additional requirements” above and beyond what is allowed under CT state law in order to obtain a pistol permit.

CCDL has begun to reverse that trend, scoring a Declaratory Ruling by the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) that mandates issuing authorities adhere to state law and not make additional requirements. Below is the commentary provided by CCDL’s Vice President, Lenny Benedetto. Please read this and spread the word and encourage your fellow gun owners to join CCDL!

Written by Vice President

Saturday, 23 January 2010 10:45
The CCDL, Inc. has taken action to help Connecticut citizens applying for gun permits!

Many issuing authorities in Connecticut have for years taken it upon themselves to ask for “EXTRA” information from applicants applying for their permit to carry pistols and revolvers. These intrusive bits of extra information include things such as 3 letters of recommendation that may need to be notarized, signed forms allowing the issuing authority to do financial credit checks, and some even request applicants to sign waivers so authorities can check your medical/mental health history records. This extra information has never been required by any state statute. Members of the CCDL have asked that the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) make a Declaratory Ruling on whether all of this extra information is needed when applying for a permit.

Many people applying for their permit are not aware of what is deemed necessary by the State of Connecticut. Some have supplied the extra information to get their permit; others have considered it an invasion of their privacy and decided against applying for their permit on principle, thus compromising their Second Amendment rights!

The official ruling from BFPE is that anything not specifically called out in the CT state statues is NOT necessary when applying for a permit. They will be sending a copy of their ruling to each and every issuing authority in Connecticut.

CCDL Members and Member Trainers, please pass along this information to everyone. The people of this State, that are interested in getting their permits, need to know that they CANNOT be found unsuitable by any issuing authority, just because they did not supply the extra information at the time they apply for their carry permit.

The BFPE is a group made up of volunteers! The CCDL would like to thank them for the very long hours of service that they put in helping gun owners in this great State of ours!


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