Alert! CT State Police to reintroduce Mandated Concealed Carry! "Go To Jail if your gun is seen" bill

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Gun Legislation

Please note – this is NOT repeat NOT a bill on the table right now – it is an intended PROPOSAL obtained from an FOI request from the Dept of Public Safety (State Police), but is very ominous in its scope and potential impact to discourage or make impractical YOUR right to carry your handgun (even WITH your valid State permit!)

This means, if you carry now – and someone can see a part of your gun, or it “prints” through your clothes and is obvious the outlines of a gun can be seen – YOU WILL BE ARRESTED, IMPRISONED and FINED.

Please also note, there is no apparent exemption for Open Carrying at a firing range or gun club!

Start contacting your representatives NOW!! Find them at

If they are successful in passing this – next year they will go after hunters and long gun target shooters walking with uncased rifles and shotguns from their vehicles to their shooting and/or hunting sites

Obtained by an FOI request by a member of the CCDL (CT Citizens Defense League)


Concealed pistol or revolver means a firearm, that is a pistol or revolver that is covered or enclosed in any manner that an observer cannot determine that it is a handgun without removing it from that which covers or encloses it or without opening, lifting, or removing that which covers or encloses it. However, concealed handgun does not include a shotgun or rifle.

(d) Any person who violates any provision of subsection (a) of this section shall: (1) for conviction of a first offense, be fined not less than five hundred dollars or more than two thousand dollars, and (b) be imprisoned not more than one year; and (2) for a subsequent conviction of this offense (a) be fined not less than two thousand dollars or more than five thousand dollars, and (b) be imprisoned not more than five years.

Link to Document obtained from a CCDL member


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