Sporting Clays Event Benefits “Save Blue Trail Range”

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Events


Around 50 to 60 shooters gathered for a morning of fun, food, and a morning of Sporting Clays to raise funds to help It was a warm and humid morning and more than once the second of a pair of clay targets was lost to the fog over the trees and the fog inside shooting glasses – but it was a fun time nonetheless!

Extra events such as a Lucky Target were held and a silent auction. The grand prize was a Henry .22 rifle.

Blue Trail Range has been in the news frequently in the past two years and has been fighting a lengthy legal battle to remain open amidst the accusations, which I believe are unfounded, that errant rounds from the BTR have been hitting homes over a mile away in Durham. Investigations and inspections have repeatedly found shell casings in the woods, near the affected homes and obviously not coming from BTR. This has not stopped efforts to close the range. Allegations of lead contamination of a nearby reservoir have also been raised and recent testing has found those levels to be safe and LOWER than they were ten years ago!

Included among the supporters and participants were Debbie Lyman from BTR, Attorney Craig Fishbein, who has been representing BTR and Attorney Gregory Miller, who has been a long time friend and ally of Shooting Sportsmen’s causes (and is also a decent shot with his Parker PH16 side-by-side 16 guage shotgun made in 1896!)

I was glad to be a part of the effort to support and spread the word about helping Blue Trail Range.

BTR has been in existence for decades and has introduced more new shooters to the sport than arguably all of the private clubs in the state combined. Thousands of shooters from across the state visit BTR to practice, take classes, sight in hunting guns and most importantly, bring their children to learn and appreciate the importance of shooting safety and fundamentals and the importance of learning responsibility – lessons that will serve to bolster Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Choice and Liberty.

Without instilling these crucial elements in today’s youth, the shooting sports will die out with the current generation of shooters and following that will be the demise of Liberty itself. This is ultimately what the anti-gun forces want. Let’s work to prevent that from happening. Support Blue Trail Range.


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