CTSAS.INFO Says: Go Shotgunning! Clay Target Sports – Refuse to Participate in the "Ammo Shortage"

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Activism

Over the past few months reading various blogs and message boards on gun related websites the talk has been about the “Ammo Shortage”
There is virtually no handgun ammo in ANY caliber to found available at retail – ANYWHERE. What few calibers of ammunition that are available are price gouged rip offs – .223 Remington WOLF brand at $9/box for 20 rds. Pistol ammo – when it can be found – is only seen in the high priced “Self Defense” specialty boxes of 20 rds for $29.99 .You can still occasionally find old standard hunting rifle ammo at Wal Mart in .30-30, .30-06 & .308 for under $20/box – so what is a shooter to do? Now that the warm weather is upon us, where can someone have fun in a shooting sport and not have to quit after shooting ten rounds of his lone, 20-rd box of pistol ammo he paid $30 for at the gun store?

The Answer? Shotgun Sports! Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays…..

You can still go to Wal Mart and buy “Value Packs” of 100-rds of shotshells in 12 and 20 guage for $5+change per box! You can still go online to many ammunition vendors and buy “flats” (or cases) of ten boxes of Shells like Estate Cartridge (which is Federal) for $53 per case + shipping. I recently bought a ten box “flat” of Winchester Super X Target loads in 12 guage for $55 from a local, CT gun store. That’s $5.50 per box of 25.

Area gun clubs up and down the Rte 8 Corridor in CT accept guests to shoot trap and skeet while accompanied by a sponsoring member.
You can spend a couple of hours on a warm Saturday afternoon or Sunday for under $20; and get to shoot 50 clay targets and still take two boxes of shells home with you!

Take advantage of it!

Some clubs to consider : Wolcott Landowner’s Protective Association; Seymour Fish & Game; The Hartford Gun Club; Ansonia Rod & Gun club,
and the century old Pahquioque Rod & Gun Club located at Danbury’s Wooster Mountain State Park off of Rte 7. See the links page to find these clubs.

It amazes me: raw material prices have come DOWN, not gone up recently; lead shot has decreased 25-40% in price from a year ago.
I’ve been ordering shotshell components and bags of lead shot, shotshell wads and primers drop shipped to my front door with no problem.

This makes me question the reality of the “Ammo Shortage”. Is it really a shortage? Or is it just another, phony, scam designed to test the market’s limits on what people will spend for ammunition.

I don’t know about you, but logging on to any of the on line vendors and seeing .38 Special and 9mm ammuniton “unavailable” except for the occasional $45 box for 50 rounds that used to be $9 to $12 just a year ago doesn’t do anything to Promote The Shooting Sports- which is also part of the CTSAS.INFO Mission Statement.

The average 12 guage target shotshell consumes three times the raw materials in lead and gun powder than the average pistol cartridge – per shot fired – and target shotshells haven’t increased substantially in price in the last year; in fact, many have DECREASED to pricing levels seen over two years ago! So, I don’t buy the argument that “we can’t get the ammo”; “it’s because of the war”, “it’s because of some unknown government secret regulation”, etc.

I believe and support the Free Market System. I also believe that ethics and RESPONSIBILITY go hand in hand with our Freedoms. Gouging the public to make a “quick buck” in the short term is going to hurt all of us in the long term. If people cannot find, and/or afford to buy ammunition for their firearms, gun clubs will eventually start to have financial problems (some are already seeing this), some may fold; people won’t be able to practice and develop skills to maintain proficiency and hence, SAFETY with firearms; many people will just give up and turn to something else to spend their time and money on and then interest in firearms, shooting sports, and our Rights will become jeopardized in the future.

Be a “shooting activist”! Refuse to participate in the “Ammo Shortage”! Come out to CT’s gun clubs this summer and shoot some trap and skeet. Learn a new sport, master a new shooting discipline, make some new friends. Eventually the handgun ammo will start appearing once again on dealer’s shelves and on-line inventories.


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