SB 353 Microstamping Fails In Judiciary Committee!

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Gun Legislation

Thanks to all those who took a day off to drive to Hartford and spend ten to fourteen hours to wait and testify against this bill! Also thanks to all who called, wrote and spoke face to face with your legislators. Thanks to the Industry Representatives who testified again, thanks to
UAW Local 376 workers from Colt; thanks to people like Bob Crook and Ray Hanley and so many others. And thanks to the 150 to 200 people from all across the state who packed the walls and stacked the halls – we sent another powerful message to the antigunners who were seeking to impose their DE FACTO BAN on new handguns in Connecticut.

Also, SB 358 “Minors & Machine Guns” was effectively watered down. The term “Assault Weapon” was removed; the term “Machine Gun” was left in the language and the age reduced to 16 from the original 18. What this means to us as shooters in CT is our junior shooters will still be able to shoot AR-15s and clones for National Matches and semiauto shotguns like the Remington 1100 and other models, for clay target sports like trap and skeet. The danger this bill posed with its original language was IF future “Assault Weapons” ban legislation passed, like HR1022, for example, the original language in SB 358 would make it a FELONY with five to ten years in prison for the parent or responsible adult for allowing a minor under age 18 to shoot OR HANDLE a “Machine Gun” or an “Assault Weapon”. This would effectively cut off the next generation of younger shooters from shooting semi auto rifles and shotguns affected by any new Assault Weapons ban, like HR 1022


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