Record Attendance At Nutmeg Chapter Friends of NRA Dinner; exceeded 1,200 !

Posted: March 28, 2009 in Events

Wow! Last night was a jam packed scene at the Aqua Turf in Southington. The Nutmeg Chapter Friends of NRA shattered yet another attendance record with over 1,200 Connecticut gun owners, NRA members attending. Earlier this year, I was worried that attendance would be off since the economy is so bad, but fortunately that wasn’t the case at all!

Hats off to Ray Hanley and his team for pulling off yet another record year. The event was recognized by NRA’s Kayne Robinson who addressed the crowd and said “Nutmeg is Number One In the COUNTRY!” for attendance at any single dinner. He said this standing at the podium amidst a banner in the background noting FNRA’s 2008 Highest Attendance award.

Notable attendees included: a table of WWII veterans wearing maroon suit jackets who were POWs. They were rightfully honored and introduced by a Medal of Honor recipient from Viet Nam who also addressed the crowd (I will call Ray to get his name and post it here; I couldn’t hear his name clearly from where I was sitting); also a special appearance by Rob Simmons who is running for US Senate. Simmons was the former US Congressman from the 2nd district (Eastern, CT) who is a staunch Second Amendment supporter. There was also a table of legislators and former legislators including: newly elected State Representative, Rosa Rebimbas (R) from dist 70 (Naugatuck); State Representative Arthur O’Neill (R) from district 69 in Southbury; State Representative Williams from Watertown; former State Representatives Len Green of Beacon Falls and Kevin DelGobbo who is now the Commissioner of the Dept. of Public Utility Control (DPUC). Former representative Ron San Angelo was also in attendance among a few others I did not have a chance to speak with. Bob Crook, Executive Director of the CT Coalition of Sportsmen was there entertaining and conversing with the legislators at their table.

It was so great to see the turnout and feel the energy. Everyone is so charged! Even though this event is a non-for profit event to raise funds for education and training programs, the fact that so many NRA members turned out to support it, despite difficult financial times for many, shows the level of commitment Connecticut’s Shooters and Sportsmen have to support our Rights. It was a great event to see and a great event to at which to be seen.


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