Record Pro Gun Turnout Blasts Anti Gun Microstamping Ball Out of the Park!

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Gun Legislation

Thank you to all who came. All who spoke. We had between 150 and 200 orange dot wearing progun supporters in Hartford today.
I stayed there for FOURTEEN Hours.

The arguments were much the same as last year – but with many new faces and voices. Even State Police Commissioner Danaher testified AGAINST SB 353 Microstamping. The verdict remains to be seen, my bet would be we showed enough opposition to “kill” this bill in Committee.
That was the feeling I got from most voices on that Committee.

The opposition had THREE PEOPLE. And NOT ONE regular citizen. They had: Josh Horowitz, their DC Lobbyist; Todd Lizotte the inventor of the technology and Ron Pinciaro lobbyist for CAGV.

I did not have an opportunity to hear how the Public Safety hearing went on 839 – the bill that would dissolve the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners and roll their function into State Police – effectively eliminating any independent review board. I will follow up with our ally, Bob Crook from our brother organization, CT Coalition of Sportsmen and report back later. Peter Kuck, member of the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners also testified against this bill and circulated a petition to save the Board. If the Board is dissolved, there will be no independent review board to hear appeals from those citizens whose permits have been denied or revoked.

We have established that we are an important component in the legislative process!

Expect the anti gun and side to regroup, redouble and refocus soon.



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