Posted: March 12, 2009 in Gun Legislation

Good Morning Chairman Lawlor and Chariman MacDonald

My name is ____________ and I reside in ________________

We understand the concern that exists today in stopping crime and violence and wanting to aid our law enforcement agencies. However, we have an obligation to make sure that any such proposals are Constitutional and would not deprive the rights of law abiding citizens access to handguns.

Unfortunately, the Microstamping proposal bill # S.353 offers nothing to aid law enforcement and everything to deny Connecticut citizens access to new pistols.

We’ve heard this testimony before. In fact, similar proposals have failed in IL, MD, HI and even in VA, post-VA Tech tragedy. These are states gun control advocates would consider “strong” gun law states. Even in CA where it has passed, it remains to be seen if the bill can even be complied with and new pistols are at risk of being banned effective, Jan 1, 2010 for sale in CA.

In addition, given that most recovered crime scene guns are at least 12 years old, and many are much older, any pracitcal or theoretical benefit from Microstamping is moot. Crime scene guns won’t have this technology in place, anyway. It’s easier to change the firing pin of a gun than it is to change a tire on a car.

There also exists the additional risk to the Public Safety that criminals who become aware of this new technology will commit more burglaries in order to find more older guns to commit crimes with.

In summary, I urge the Committee to reject this proposal because it offers no public safety value; it is counter productive, unconstitutional and economically undesirable as 1,600 CT jobs could be lost. It will also serve to put many FFL dealers out of business in Connecticut, losing a valuable source of sales tax revenue in one of the few segments of the local economy that is flourishing in this unprecedented period of economic recesssion. I ask that the Committee engage the Sportsmen’s Community to pursue measures that punish criminal acts with firearms while protecting the interests of law abiding citizens.

Thank you,

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