CTSAS.INFO ALERT! Microstamping Referred to Judiciary Committee… De Facto BAN on New Pistols Will Result If Passed!!!

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Gun Legislation

Microstamping Referred to Committee…De Facto BAN on new pistols will result if passed!Today at 6:21pmState Senate bill# 353.


We defeated this bill last year. We need to defeat it again. Call the Judiciary Committee at 860-240-0530 and politely tell them you are opposed to this bill. It doesn’t work, doesn’t make us safer, offers nothing to law enforcement and the manufacturers have no way to comply with this proposal and make it feasible to produce new handguns for sale in CT. Therefore it would result in a De Facto BAN on new pistols sold at retail in the state; forcing gun stores out of business and losing 1,600 related jobs in CT. For help with how to make a call or for detailed points on how to speak against this bill, contact me at steve@ctsas.info, or reply here on Facebook

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