Good News…The Range Bill Is Dead!

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Gun Legislation

Here is some more proof that grass roots activism works! The notice below is provided by Bob Crook, Executive Director of the Coalition of CT Sportsmen. Because of the input from so many shooters and sportsmen – the Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal has indicated that the “Range Bill” is dead.

From Bob Crook – CT Coalition of Sportsmen :

Thanks to all for the volume of correspondence (personal contact, phone calls, letters, e-mail) to members of all committees of Interest. As you can see, your involvement works!

Today in the Public Safety and Security Committee the following bill was addressed and JFS (Joint Favorable Substitute) to Judiciary Comm.

10. H.B. No. 6457 (RAISED) AN ACT CONCERNING THE REGULATION OF FIREARMS AND THE LICENSING OF BAIL ENFORCEMENT AGENTS, PROFESSIONAL BONDSMEN AND SURETY BAIL BOND AGENTS. JFS to Judiciary. DELETED: Sec 1. To require gun show promoters to notify the Commissioner of Public Safety of any planned gun show (retains only reporting to the chief of police); Sec. 8 to require the concealment of a pistol or revolver when carried upon the person, with certain exemptions; and Sec.9 Penalties. CCS OPPOSED srtrongly the provision on Concealed Carry. Coalition Testimony. The bill now only addresses training for bail bondsmen and the .08 intoxication limit.

We’ve been carrying this bill (bootleg copy) on the website for several weeks An Act Concerning Firing Ranges (ATTORNEY GENERAL bill). REF. PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY. RAISED 1/24. Not yet in Print. Correspondence from some legislators indicated the following: “I have been contacted by various individuals regarding the “shooting range” but I cannot find any information. Other than on your website. Can you fill me in on this?” My response on 2/22: “This is the AG’s bill. Talked to him on Thurs. last week. He says the bill is dead due to many sportsmen contacts and a poorly written bill. Bill has been raised in Public Safety but not yet printed. Thanks for your interest.”

The status on this bill as of today is DEAD.

Some club/organizations have been sending Form Letters to the Committees. While this is better than nothing, it accomplishes little when viewed by legislators/clerks. Think of how you feel when you receive a form letter from your Congressman and find all your friends have received the same. If you take the time, your Representatives/Senators will do the same and both may learn something.


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