Waking up and Smelling the Coffee…

Posted: February 15, 2009 in Activism

And there was a lot of coffee coming out of the kitchen at Rockville Fish and Game club this morning….as fifty to sixty leaders of the Shooting Sports community in CT convened on the small, northeastern CT club to discuss the threat to gun ownership and traditional, legitimate sporting activities at gun clubs, shooting ranges and other organizations in Connecticut.

The sportsmen’s/sportswomen’s community in Connecticut is coming together now, more than ever given the onerous nature of the anti gun, anti freedom and outright unconstitutional proposals.

Issues such as the “microstamping” proposal and the “Range Bill” were discussed along with a renewed vigor and commitment to redouble our efforts to protect our rights, many jobs in CT and the irreplaceable outdoor resources our clubs and ranges provide.

Amy Stegall of Rockville Fish & Game coordinated and hosted the meeting. Jake McGuigan, Director for Government Affairs at the National Shooting Sports foundation addressed strategy points. Inside the capitol guidance was provided by State Senator Tony Guglielmo. Also there were experts present speaking about the legal, ballistic, environmental and sound engineering aspects of these proposals. Three NRA Election Volunteer Coordinators were present: Amy Stegall, the meeting Chairwoman and NRA EVC CT-Congressional District 1; Thomas Violante NRA EVC C T-District 4 and myself as NRA EVC CT-3. We all addressed aspects of activism, legislative communications and the bill making process.

Perhaps the greatest take away from the meeting was the consensus that sporting groups in Connecticut now realize more than ever, the need to be organized; form a new cadre to manage a new statewide “Alert” mechanism and encourage grassroots activism at a level never before seen that I can recall in my 15 years of being an individual activist.

The Connecticut Shooters & Sportsmen website was discussed as providing a useful on-line conduit to link together all the clubs in the state.

The challenges ahead will be daunting as the political juggernaut in Hartford and Washington steers its anti gun and anti freedom agendas toward us. I look forward to the opportunity to do my part as a Shooter and Sportsman in Connecticut, together with everyone who shares our values, to steer that juggernaut away from our rights and our ranges.

The Coffee is brewing, and it smells GOOD.

Steve Loban


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