McCain vs. Obama

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Elections

Here is a good site to check on the polls: n_vs_obama-225.html

Right now, the average of the national polls has McCain AHEAD of Obama by one percentage point.

The interesting thing is, you can drill down into battleground states and other states.

For example, here in CT, Obama leads by something like a 16 % spread 51 to 35 (no surprises).

The scary thing is, Obama is way ahead in key states like CA, and NY and slightly ahead in “battleground” states like PA and MI. OH is slightly tilted in favor of McCain right now, and FL polls have McCain solidly in the lead (27 electoral votes there).

The race is too close to call. Polls historically tighten up as the election date closes in. It’s time for ALL of us to be activists to protect our gun rights, and here is HOW to do it…

Campaign for McCain! Use whatever works – if your friends, family, etc are not concerned about gun rights – use the TAX approach.

Would your neighbors, friends and relatives like to be taxed at TWENTY EIGHT PERCENT for ANY PROFIT made on selling a home? (right now in many circumstances that only applies if your profit is above $250,000)

Well, if they vote for Obama – they will be!

Small Business? Much of the USA’s economic growth depends on the success of SMALL business.

Under an Obama administration – Uncle Sam becomes a “majority partner” in EVERY small business with a tax rate of – (pause) – (are you sitting down?) …… FIFTY SIX, yes 56 % !!!

(Bill Ransig, the winner in Donald Trump’s first season of the Apprentice said this on Fox, and he has a new show on A&E for small business owners.)

Add to that increased costs for “mandated health care” and proposals to do away with tax advantaged retirement savings programs.

So, there you go.

Get out there…

Spread the word!

Save our Guns and Save our Country!!!


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