CTSAS.INFO Endorses McCain/Palin ticket; reminds gun owners of Obama’s "Plan" for guns

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Elections

This should come as no surprise to anyone concerned about preserving Second Amendment freedoms as recently upheld in the US Supreme Court’s Heller decision. The McCain/Palin ticket is the ONLY choice for saving our gun rights and our Country itself!

On a recent Mark Levin radio program, professor John Lott was interviewed. (this is the professor whose studies the NRA relies on to expose the fallacy of gun control). Professor Lott remarked that during the 1990s he met Obama, who was a law school lecturer at the time and Obama told Lott: “I don’t believe people should own guns” When Lott asked Obama to discuss this further, Obama turned and walked away without saying another word.

What can we expect from Obama?

Sure his website makes weak support for the Second Amendment. In 2007 Obama stated he believed the DC ban was “constitutional” – now that it has been overturned, he’s become wishy washy!


– Expanded list of so called “assault weapons” to be banned with CONFISCATION!

(Obama voted for confiscation of self-loading firearms while he was an Illinois State Senator).

Fortunately, the Illinois ban failed.

The failed Illinois proposal would have banned not only AR-15 pattern rifles, but many traditionally recognized “benign” appearing rifles and shotguns that are found at stores like Dick’s and Wal Mart. Guns like: Remington 1100s, Ruger 10/22s and others.

That bill would have also banned ALL SHOTGUNS except .410 bore based on strict interpretation of muzzle diameter (.50″ and up) as well as black powder arms.


Obama supports Clinton’s old idea of banning ammunition “capable” of soft armor penetration. That means virtually ALL centerfire rifle ammo. Even your grandfather’s . 30-30.

Since most soft armor is designed to protect from handgun ammunition of equal or LESSER power than what police commonly use, centerfire rifle ammo in general, easily exceeds such standards.


Obama supports regulation to restrict gun shops from being within FIVE MILES of any school. That amounts to closing 90% of the nation’s existing gun stores!

How about Registration, Licensing and Environmental issues? Imagine an Obama administration with a Pelosi lead Congress. California has already banned the use of lead bullets or lead shot for hunting in areas where the Condor roams. That means a rabbit hunter in California can no longer hunt with a .22 rimfire as ALL .22 rimfire (short and long rifle) bullets are made of LEAD.

Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays shooters – don’t think you will escape the wrath of the Demobams (Democoms), either. Shotguns with lead shot are a huge environmental topic even for local clubs on dry land as is the residue left behind from tons of targets.

With target and shell prices increasing 15 to 30% year-over-year, many local clubs are already seeing a decline in participation. A lead-free mandate would “nail the coffin” shut (and contribute nothing to perceived environmental protection)!

Let’s not forget that shotguns are also under the scrutiny of the gun ban crowd. It wasn’t that long ago that the Million Mom March and the Brady Campaign was pushing for a ban on PUMP shotguns – because of a homicide committed in Germany, (a “tough” gun law nation) with a pump shotgun.

Also, since the demobams have been focused on “ammunition performance” ostensibly seeking to ban any projectile capable of penetrating a wet paper bag, shotguns have devastating, close range performance – even with birdshot.I won’t even mention what common deer slugs, available at Wal Mart for three dollars and change for a 5-pack can do.

So this means, EVERYONE, not just “black rifle” fans among us are affected (and yes, I own “black rifles”, too). A vote for Obama is a vote to surrender your guns! NO HUNTING, NO TARGET SHOOTING, NO SELF PROTECTION.

Obama has the entire scope of firearms covered from .22 rimfire right up through .50 cal and larger.

Also, since Obama views himself as a “citizen of the world” more so than as an American, he would sign (and a Demobam controlled Senate would ratify), a United Nations Global Gun Ban TREATY faster than you can say Barrack Hussein Obama.

The choice for Americans who care about freedom and gun rights is clear: McCain/Palin is the ONLY choice.


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