Grassroots Efforts and Industry Expertise Join Forces to Defeat Draconian, Anti Gun Proposals In Hartford!

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Gun Legislation

Thanks to the massive input from Connecticut’s Shooters and Sportsmen, and in particular the expert testimony of Connecticut’s firearms manufacturers, the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation), the NRA and others, the Judiciary Committee has not acted upon these bills by the deadline set for yesterday, March 24th. This means both bills are effectively “dead” in Committee.

Had these bills passed the entire legislative process and been signed into law, the consequences for Connecticut gun owners would have been disastrous! Practically a “de facto” ban on ammunition, effective in 2012 and gun dealers would have been put out of the handgun business as of 2010!

Bob Crook, a long time friend to all of Connecticut’s gun owners and the most experienced lobbyist in Hartford reminds us all through his email contact that no bill is ever truly “dead” until the legislative session is over for the year.

We must remain vigilant; bills can resurface again, often in the form of riders attached to another piece of proposed legislation. Also, experience has shown that a concept for proposed legislation might take two, or three attempts at being raised in legislative sessions before it passes. A harsh reminder to this reality was last year’s passage of the “Lost & Stolen” Firearms bill that passed after failing in 2005 and 2006.

Anti Gun forces on the Judiciary Committee could very well be posturing for their assault on gun ownership rights for 2009. I believe it is no coincidence that Connecticut has seen the most serious attempts to diminish gun rights in odd numbered years immediately following an election season: i.e., 1993 – the State’s “Assault Weapons” ban; 2001 – the attempt to expand the ban (both based on legislation passed in California) and last year’s ominous “Lost & Stolen” firearms legislation – which is mockingly and deservedly referred to as, “the gun trafficker protection bill.”

For now, we must all contact our legislators who replied to us in opposition to these bills and THANK them. Also, we must work to forge stronger relationships with those legislators who are “on the fence” on gun issues. Getting to know them and inviting them to a club outing, a youth event or a ladies day on the range with the appropriate, informed club guidance, can go a long way in working in our favor if done correctly.


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